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Outdoor Applications 2020
Ahead of upcoming heating season, we bring you a clear summary of all possible outdoor and non-traditional applications of FENIX heating systems in one place.
PFP heating cable with a thermostat
An automatic heating cable with a thermostat; suitable for do-it-yourself installation. An ideal solution for residential buildings and smaller-scale applications.
Cable circuits ADPSV
Mainly ADPSV heating cables are used for the protection of pipes. They are connected to a wiring box and must be combined with an external thermostat. They are more suitable for larger buildings and industrial applications.
PDS1P heating cables
Heating cables used to speed up the curing of concrete in the winter period. They are intended for short-term use, and are employed once only; after the curing process has ended, the cables are disconnected and they remain in the concrete block.
Set of EBERLE ground sensors
A set of sensors for EM 524 89 and EM 524 90 regulation devices for controlling the heating of outdoor surfaces.
EB-Therm 800
Digital thermostat with an LCD display for mounting on a DIN rail (2 modules).
Eberle UTR/60
Industrial wall thermostat with a separate sensor.
In July, FENIX extended their offered range of goods to include new PFP heating cables. These cables are intended to be used to protect pipelines against frost – e.g. water distribution pipelines which lead through non-heated areas.

Buildings as active elements of the energy system

Product catalogue for download in PDF