PDS1P heating cables

Heating cables used to speed up the curing of concrete in the winter period. They are intended for short-term use, and are employed once only; after the curing process has ended, the cables are disconnected and they remain in the concrete block.
PDS1P heating cables
PDS1P heating cables

PDS1P heating cables are products for special applications – in this specific case, these are cables for single short-term use during the winter period to speed up the curing and hardening of concrete. Installation and use of these heating cables is possible in temperatures down to -10°C. After the curing process is complete, the cables are disconnected (cut off) and remain “lost” in the concrete slab. The cables are intended exclusively for industrial use and are produced in compliance with IEC 60800. The heating circuit (IP 67) ends with a 2m long H05RR-F supply cable with a moulded-on Uni-Schuko plug (IP 20). It is to be connected to the 230 V network. A table of recommended spacings and wattages can be found below.

PDS1P heating cables
PDS1P Cable construction
PDS1P heating cables

PDS1P 40 W/m

Type Output Length Resistance Cat. No.
[W] [m] [Ω]
PDS1P 40130 130 3.3 404.3 2325000
PDS1P 40380 380 10.0 140.2 2325005
PDS1P 40735 735 20.0 68.0 2325008
PDS1P 401400 1400 35.0 37.8 2325018
PDS1P 401500 1500 38.0 35.3 2325020
PDS1P 402200 2200 55.0 24.0 2325025
PDS1P 403200 3200 85.0 16.7 2325028