Thermostats and controls

This includes regulators for common environments – i.e. for family houses, flats, offices, shops, schools etc. The regulator (thermostat) is usually located directly in the interior of the heated room, and it controls connected heating on the basis of monitored parameters (air temperature in the room, floor temperature). Regulators can be analogue or digital (programmable), they can read room temperature and/or floor temperature (floor heating), and feature various setting and programming options.
Integrated Wi-Fi module for connection to a home network, remote control via a cloud server (iOS / Android application), colour touch screen.
Programmable touch-screen thermostat FENIX TFT
A programmable touch-screen thermostat suitable for electric radiant floor and ceiling heating. Features a large number of properties accessible via the simple interface of its touch-screen display – an easy and clear way of setting the required functions for the optimization of heating comfort and minimizing operating costs.
Thermostat TFT-2
Colour touch screen (optional background colour); the outer white cover is composed of two exchangeable parts (frame/cover) which enable the colour of the thermostat to be changed.
Thermostat T-sense OLED
The T-Sense OLED thermostat combines the characteristics of simple thermostats "with a knob" and digital thermostats with weekly program.
Combined digital thermostat Eberle FIT 3U
Combined digital thermostat with PWM and the option of room temperature / floor + room/ floor only operating mode selection.
Socket WiFi thermostat
A very easy solution for heating control when remote access via the internet is required.
Combined digital thermostat VTM 3000
Combined digital thermostat with PWM and the option of room temperature / floor + room / floor only operating mode selection.
HT 600
A thermostat for the maintenance of air, water or soil temperature

Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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