Thermostats and controls

Wireless regulation means that there is no cable wiring between the switching contact, which lets electric energy into the connected heater, and the thermostat, which measures the room temperature and in which the heating programme is stored. Communication takes place in a wireless way – via a radio frequency (RF). This system is ideal particularly after reconstruction because it is easy to replace original or completely absent electric heating regulation. Some systems of this kind enable the connection of parts of the heating system into one unit, and thus wireless central regulation is created.
Wireless room thermostat Watts V22
Wireless room thermostat with 1-week programming – intended for the control of electric heating (floor or ceiling heating, radiant panels, convection heaters) which it switches on/off via V23/25 receivers (max. 4 per V22 unit, only one of which is furnished with a floor probe).
Wireless receiver Watts V23
Wireless receiver with optional floor probe connection – normally controlled by the V22 thermostat, it switches the connected heating on/off and can also optionally read the floor temperature using a floor probe (not included).
Watts V24 central unit
The V24 control unit is a superstructural element of Watts wireless regulation (V22 thermostats, 23/25 receivers). It enables central control of a heating system – i.e. the programming and control of heating throughout a whole building from one location – and is intended for all types of electric direct-heating systems (floor as well as ceiling heating, radiant panels, convection heaters, ladder radiators, etc.).
Watts V24-WiFi central unit
The V24-WiFi central unit enables the wireless central control of heating systems like the V24. The functions and intuitive, simple controls have remained, while a large display provides comfort and an easy overview of individual parameters and information about temperatures, the current status, individual zones (rooms).
Wireless plug socket receiver Watts V25
Wireless plug socket receiver – normally controlled by the V22 thermostat, it switches appliances on/off that are fitted with a plug (heating ladders, portable heaters).
GSM module Watts V27
The Watts V27 module enables basic control of a whole Watts central regulation system via connection to a V24 central unit.
Watts floor probe
This floor probe is designed to read floor temperatures; however, it can also be used to read air temperatures.
WS-1 regulation set
The WS-1 regulation set is intended for the wireless control of electric heating – fl oor, ceiling, radiant panels, convectors and ladder radiators. It is particularly suitable for supplementary heating installations – it isn´t necessary to connect the thermostat to the receiver using wires.

The application to control via smartphone

The application to control the GSM module Watts V27 via smartphone you found on:


For Android you can download the app here: APK.


Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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