Thermostats and controls

This includes regulators for common environments – i.e. for family houses, flats, offices, shops, schools etc. The regulator (thermostat) is usually located directly in the interior of the heated room, and it controls connected heating on the basis of monitored parameters (air temperature in the room, floor temperature). Regulators can be analogue or digital (programmable), they can read room temperature and/or floor temperature (floor heating), and feature various setting and programming options.
Eberle RTR-E 3521
Bimetal thermostat with thermal feedback and high precision.
Eberle RTR-E 6124
Analogue thermostat for rooms with the option of temperature attenuation control.
Fenix therm 105
Combined analogue thermostat with heating indicator light (a diode), a switch and the option of temperature attenuation control.

Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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