Company philosophy

Firms, just like other organisations, symbolise and embody the thoughts which gave rise to them.


Live and work in such a way that you can look yourself in the face every evening without shame.

The Ten Commandments:

  1. The aim is to build a strong company which is, however, made up of small and transparent autonomous units that always focus only on their own “core business”. Only in this way is it possible to attain high employee motivation and the needed flexibility even in a relatively large organisation.

  2. The real boss of the company is the customer, and he or she needs to know this right from the start.

  3. Sustainable expansion and growth is viable and essential: the conditions for this are an innovative and supportive social climate, motivated and educated people, and a free, undeformed market.

  4. The pronouncement that “it’s enough” can only precede a future, unavoidable fall.

  5. Work must be organised to the maximum degree possible so that people are more than simple components: priority is given to the building of coherent agendas and processes, with clear responsibility and involvement in concrete results.

  6. The number of vertical levels in the management structure should be as low as possible within the organisation, and must be regularly reviewed – this is the key to maintaining flexibility and high motivation.

  7. The evolution of the market does not decrease the amount of available opportunities; it just moves them around and allows new ones to develop.

  8. Opportunities are ever present and everywhere – it is merely necessary to identify them and choose the right time to exploit them.

  9. Trust is the foundation stone of any successful activity; it is very hard to gain, and very easy to lose. It is necessary to immediately sever contact with people who abuse that trust.

  10.  Happiness and satisfaction are just a state of mind, and positive thinking is the key.