Eberle UTR/60

Industrial wall thermostat with a separate sensor.
Eberle UTR/60
Eberle UTR/60

The value after the slash in the type designation of the thermostat describes the temperature range: -40…20°C (/20); 0…60°C (/60); 40…100°C (/100); 100…160°C (/160). The thermostat has higher IP coverage and therefore can be placed in humid or dusty environments, e.g. in garages, warehouses, launderettes etc. or even in an outdoor environment. The temperature is read with the help of a separate cable sensor (not part of the thermostat); the cable sensor comes in various versions – contact, room, standard, with PVC or silicon sheathing – see Sensors for EBERLE industrial thermostats.

Eberle UTR/60

Eberle UTR 60

Rating:  IP 65
Switched current: 16 A
Temperature range - room: -
Temperature range - sensor: 0 … 60 °C
Temperature attenuation: 5 °C
Heating idicator light: Yes
Hysteresis: 1 K
Switch:  no