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The current unprecedented crisis provides a very wide scope for the application of electric radiant heating systems.
SOLIUS Digital
With radiant convection heaters, up to 50% of heat is transferred via radiation. This radiant component increases the comfort level of heating very significantly, and therefore radiant convection heaters are the most comfortable heaters in the sphere of direct heating convection heaters.
EPBD interpretation
Recommendations for the production of EPBD certificates for buildings heated using electricity, and an analysis of measured energy consumption for heating in relation to the calculation of buildings' energy requirements according to regulation 78/2013 Coll.
Permanently growing energy consumption is a trend of modern society. Fossil fuel supplies are not inexhaustible, however, and therefore we are focusing on increasing the proportion of energy produced from renewable sources while decreasing the level of energy consumption at the same time, whether that energy is used by standard home appliances, whole buildings or means of transport.
This heating panel is a shorter version of the ECOSUN S+ radiant panel, with a length of only 650mm.
DRIVER 620 DeltaDore
Two-zone attenuation regulation device utilising a pilot wire.
The HJ 306RX type series measures the current in all three phases; however, it has three independent regulation channels available (one for each phase), with the option of controlling two groups of appliances per channel.
Eberle UTR/60
Industrial wall thermostat with a separate sensor.
BMR HJ is a device which monitors the alternating current which passes through it and indicates its exceedance by the disconnection of the relevant relay contact.
Dear customers and business partners, in most countries of the EU, another part of Directive EU 2010/31/EU regarding the energy performance of buildings is coming into effect in 2013.


Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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