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Combined digital thermostat Eberle FIT 3U
Combined digital thermostat with PWM and the option of room temperature / floor + room/ floor only operating mode selection.
Combined digital thermostat VTM 3000
Combined digital thermostat with PWM and the option of room temperature / floor + room / floor only operating mode selection.
HT 600
A thermostat for the maintenance of air, water or soil temperature
Eberle AZT-A 524 410 (510)
Industrial, wall-mounted room thermostat intended for temperature control in moist and dusty environments, e.g. in garages, warehouses, launderettes, stables etc.
WS-1 regulation set
The WS-1 regulation set is intended for the wireless control of electric heating – fl oor, ceiling, radiant panels, convectors and ladder radiators. It is particularly suitable for supplementary heating installations – it isn´t necessary to connect the thermostat to the receiver using wires.
Thermostat T-Sense
Thermostat with floor probe, programmable via Bluetooth.
BMR HJ is a device which monitors the alternating current which passes through it and indicates its exceedance by the disconnection of the relevant relay contact.
The growing demand of our customers for a regulation system allowing the central control of electric heating, which would offer comfortable and intuitive control alongside the possibility of extending the system without the need to alter the installed equipment, led our company to establish cooperation with a French company involved in the development of regulation systems.
A very frequent request from customers who are planning to build a detached house is for a comparison of the advantages of the individual heating systems available.


Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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