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Protection of vineyards from spring frost.
FENIX presents another of its non-traditional applications of heating systems, this time from the wine industry.
Soil heating in greenhouses or heating of livestock buildings - electric heating cables Ecofloor and radiant heating panels Ecosun have proved their worth in agriculture as well.
Soil heating in greenhouses or heating of livestock buildings - Ecofloor electric heating cables and Ecosun radiant heating panels, which we have been producing and selling worldwide for 30 years already, have also proved their worth here. They help streamline plant production, protect crops from harsh weather and provide thermal comfort for both the animals themselves and the operators of the breeding facilities.
Over the course of July this year, significant changes once again took place in the production of ECOSUN radiant heating panels. The reconstruction of another building occurred at the Fenix Jeseník manufacturing site.
In cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague – UCEEB was measured the radiant characteristics of our high-temperature and low-temperature radiant panels ECOSUN.
B of B cars s.r.o. Ostrava
In the first half of 2016, BEST OF BRITISH CARS s.r.o. OSTRAVA opened a brand new sales centre for Jaguar and Land Rover in Ostrava-Kunčičky. At the present time, this is the state-of-the-art sales and servicing centre of these traditional and respected car brands in the Czech Republic. Electric heating by FENIX has been selected for heating of this prestigious centre
We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new product: a corrective varnish for the heating lamellas of Ecosun S and S+ high-temperature radiant panels.
We are happy to announce that new production equipment for ECOSUN radiant panels has been in operation since the beginning of this year.
Panels with a higher IP rating for heating or warming in industrial and agricultural applications. They are suitable for environments with higher levels of dust or where an EExII non-explosive version is required.
ECOSUN high-temperature radiant panels are intended primarily for the heating of industrial, storage and agricultural structures, although they can be used within any structure with a ceiling height of 3.5 m to 10 m.
Question: Can Ecoflex convection heaters and Ecosun panels be installed on flammable bases? Answer: Ecoflex – can be installed on a flammable base as the structure of the attachment meets the requirements for installation on flammable bases...


Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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