Corrective varnish for the lamellas of Ecosun high-temperature panels

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new product: a corrective varnish for the heating lamellas of Ecosun S and S+ high-temperature radiant panels.

Our clients are asking us more and more frequently about the possibility of cleaning the lamellas of ECOSUN S and S+ high-temperature panels. The enclosed single-use gloves must be used when handling the panel during installation. If the heating lamellas become dirty or greasy anyway, the dirt will only become visible after the panel is first switched on. Unfortunately, we haven't yet found a reliable chemical product which won't leave any tracks on the lamellas after cleaning.

We have therefore come up with a corrective coating, Mipatherm, which covers any dirt on the heating lamellas of Ecosun high-temperature panels sufficiently when applied in two layers. It is a highly heat-resistant anti-corrosion varnish on the basis of silicone resin which resists temperatures of up to 800 °C. It is available in 0.5 litre packs.

Application procedure:


  1. First, apply masking tape to the panel casing.
  2. Apply two layers of the varnish with a brush and leave it to air for 1 hour.
  3. After removing the masking tape, it is necessary to connect the panel and let it heat the room at maximum temperature for 0.5–1 hour.


The varnish will burn for the first 15 minutes, creating a strong smell and smoke. The room will need intensive airing. After this stage, the heating panel can be operated in a standard manner.