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The damage of the heating cable insulation due to the steel reinforcement led to a short circuit and complete interruption of the cable.
We’ve prepared a new chapter "The most common causes of failures" for you, where we will gradually add illustrative examples of the mistakes, that can occur during the installation of our products. You can find the chapter in the Support section.
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Most churches and cultural heritage objects were built hundreds of years ago, where old inefficient heating systems were regularly used. However modern usage requires modern, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.
ECOFILM heating foils for underfloor heating
As in other areas of human activity, ever changing trends marking the popularity of various systems can be observed in heating of buildings. New knowledge and technologies may thus bring systems that were considered obsolete until recently to the forefront yet again.
halogen free
FENIX is introducing halogen-free power supply leads (under the Halogen FREE logo) for its heating mats and heating cables designed for floor heating.
Vzorový rodinný dům
Because primary sources of energy are non-renewable, it is crucial to utilise them in an efficient and economical manner. The subject of this paper is the energy, economic and environmental analysis of the energy systems used in warm water floor heating as well as direct heating via resistance cables. This analysis is carried out for a specific detached house.
Heating mats for direct heating systems
Heating mats are placed directly under floor tiling, in a thin layer of flexible sealant. They are easy to install and are highly economical to operate in connection with suitable temperature regulation. They are suitable for use as main heating systems as well as systems providing floor heating for added comfort.
AL MAT heating mats
They are intended to be used under laminate and wooden floating floors installed in what are classified as humid areas – e.g. in bathrooms. They are a variant of ECOFILM heating foils for applications where ECOFILM cannot be used.
Dear Customers, after many years of development in the area of high-quality ECOFLOOR cables and mats, FENIX has further extended customer benefits.
A very frequent request from customers who are planning to build a detached house is for a comparison of the advantages of the individual heating systems available.

Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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