The most common causes of failures

We’ve prepared a new chapter "The most common causes of failures" for you, where we will gradually add illustrative examples of the mistakes, that can occur during the installation of our products. You can find the chapter in the Support section.
The damage of the heating cable insulation due to the steel reinforcement led to a short circuit and complete interruption of the cable.

Our long-term experience shows that the failures, which our technicians are often invited to solve, are largely caused by the same errors. It is mainly about heating cables and heating mats installed as an electric underfloor heating. Most often this is caused by a lack of knowledge of installation rules. However sometimes installation companies just underestimate the possible risks and consider the requirements in the instructions to be unnecessarily strict.

We firmly believe that these demonstrations will better show the possible risks involved in the installation of electric heating systems and will help to understand the meaning of each requirement in the manuals.

The chapter can be found here: The most frequent causes of faults.