With radiant convection heaters, up to 50% of heat is transferred via radiation. This radiant component increases the comfort level of heating very significantly, and therefore radiant convection heaters are the most comfortable heaters in the sphere of direct heating convection heaters.

Solius II radiant convection heaters are fitted with a digital thermostat featuring a weekly programme and an adaptive triggering function. The thermostat can also be switched to manual mode. While a standard convection heater provides practically 100% of its heat energy exclusively via convection (air currents), a radiant convection heater provides a minimum of 50% of its heat energy via radiation. It thus combines the advantages of infrared radiant heating (economical operation, uniform temperature distribution) and convection heating (rapid response, favourable cost / performance ratio). In addition, the “cold floor effect” is partially eliminated in the direction of radiation from the convection heater. The heater is available in white (RAL 9016). IP rating 24; protection class II.; option of installation on a type C or D combustible base; clearance distances: bottom edge 15cm / side and top edge 10 cm / front wall of the device 100 cm.



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Type Output Dimensions Weight Qty on pallet Cat. No.
[W] [mm] [kg] [pcs]
SOLIUS II - 07 750 527 x 477 x 129 5.2 20 5435122
SOLIUS II - 10 1000 601 x 477 x 129 5.8 16 5435123
SOLIUS II - 15 1500 823 x 477 x 129 7.8 13 5435124
SOLIUS II - 20 2000 1045 x 477 x 129 9.9 11 5435125

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Type Product description Cat. No.
BMR HC64 A control unit for the HC 64 system with a WEB interface, TCP, and USB connectivity. Power supply 24 VDC / 2.5 A; control software for PC, USB cable.
The control unit is designed to be used to control warm-water systems (in combination with other components). If connected to HTS64DIN_R modules, it can also be used to control electric heaters that are fitted with a pilot wire. One HC64SZ control unit can control up to 32 HTS64-DIN_R modules (32 zones).
BMR HTS 64-DIN_R If a building is heated by heaters (convection heaters) fitted with a pilot wire, their operation can be controlled by signals sent via the pilot wires using a BMR HC64SZ control unit and BMR HTS64-DIN_R modules.
Convection heaters with a pilot wire have a built-in thermostat with which the user sets the comfort temperature they require in a given room. As soon as the heater receives a signal via the pilot wire, it automatically (without any action being required from the user) starts to maintain the attenuation (lowered) temperature in the room. This is usually 4°C lower than the comfort temperature. A subsequent signal acquired via the pilot wire will return the heater back to the comfort temperature. Each signal arriving via the pilot wire switches the heater between these two temperatures.
The signals themselves are sent by the HTS64-DIN_R module, which must be subordinate to the HC64SZ control unit, whose 1-week programme sets when the room should be heated to either the comfort or the attenuation temperature. If there are more rooms in the building which should have different “comfort/attenuation” time modes (a new zone), another HTS64-DIN_R must be installed. The building can thus be divided into individual zones with their own 1-week programmes as needed. One HC64SZ control unit can control up to 32 HTS64-DIN_R (32 zones).

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