Electric convectors ECOFLEX

ECOFLEX direct-heating convection heaters are among the first products used on a large scale for electric heating. Electric heating (particularly for low-energy houses) is nowadays mainly employed as a large-surface floor or ceiling heating, though electric convection heaters are still used. There are two designs in the offer. The first of them is the design of traditional direct convection heaters that transfer heat by convection. They are characterised by very good dynamics and, therefore, are suitable for example for buildings that are used occasionally or irregularly. More advanced convection heaters are radiant convection heaters, with which up to 50 % of heat is transferred in the form of radiation. The radiant component significantly increases the comfort of heating, radiant convection heaters thus connect the dynamics of direct-heating convection heaters with the comfort of radiant heating. Quality, tradition, precise regulation and very reasonable prices – FENIX convection heaters offer all of these.

Ivigo Professional
Premium heater with above-standard equipment. Control unit with weekly program, „Presence Detector“ and „Open Window Detection“ function, light sensor for automatic display fading, fall safety, etc.. Small plastic legs are included in the packaging.
The basic line of direct-heating convection heaters has a control unit with three pre-set modes (Comfort, Eco, Timer) and one program mode to create individual weekly program. The convection heater has the function of „Open Window Detection“, control lock or temperature sensor calibration.
CH2000B Turbo Direct-heating convection heaters
Portable convection heater with an option to grade output to 750, 1250 and 2000 W and with a separately switched ventilator to increase dynamics. The heater is not designed for permanent operation, that is why the portable convention heater cannot be used as a main source of heating.

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