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Versatile radiant panels intended for residential as well as non-residential spaces, for installation on ceilings and suspended ceilings. They are suitable mainly for the heating of offices, shops, flats and family homes.
Ecosun K+ radiant panels are intended preferably for vertical installation. They are suitable for warming pews in churches, office desks, checkouts, etc.
Ecosun CR
Decorative radiant panels from sintered ceramic material will add a rustic mood to your space.
ceramic radiant panels, which perfectly imitate the look of natural stone
Some applications do not make it possible to incorporate our radiant panels Ecosun S+ into a raw of fluorescent lamps so as to be in one line and create a harmonic whole in the interior.
More and more often do we find applications of our industrial radiant heating panels Ecosun S+ in offices or cafés as well as in homes.
In 2012 we completed the development of a new series of ECOSUN S+ products. The new series contains all the knowledge that we have obtained over 20 years of designing, producing and selling what are known as high-temperature panels.
A video appeared on a publicly accessible web page where the panel ECOSUN 300U is compared with a product of the Chinese company YUNSOR.
In 2008, FENIX extended its range of products to offer glass radiant GR panels – aesthetically unique products which combine pureness of design with the advantages of infra-red radiant heating.
In the year 2005, a decision about the revitalization of the original CENTROTEX warehouse building was made.


Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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