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Thermal images of the ceiling with each type of insulation
"Blown-in insulation" is one of the many options available for the insulation of structures, and suspended ceilings in particular. It is therefore quite natural that one of the heating installation firms that cooperate with us recently enquired as to whether this type of insulation can be used in ceilings with ECOFILM C heating foils.
The foil on the MH (ModuleHeating) module has a wattage of 65 W (surface wattage of 140 W/ m2) and is fitted with a connection cable with a plug
In October 2019 we launched a new modular ceiling heating system with ECOFILM heating foil in the Czech Republic. The system is not only very easy to install but also requires no qualified electrical installation work except for the final connection.
MH heating module
A modular radiant heating system based on 5 cm thick mineral wool modules.
Suspension of a CD profile on spring hangers – four-point
We have recently received a complaint about unpleasant sounds emitted by ceiling heating using ECOFILM foil. The search for the cause led to a modification of the ECOFILM C foil mounting rules, which now prescribe the hanging of plasterboard ceilings on spring hangers.
ECOFILM heating foils for underfloor heating
As in other areas of human activity, ever changing trends marking the popularity of various systems can be observed in heating of buildings. New knowledge and technologies may thus bring systems that were considered obsolete until recently to the forefront yet again.
Results of the 1st stage of the measurement of efficiency, energy consumption and indoor environment quality produced by various heating systems. Research carried out at the UCEEB laboratories (at the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings at the Czech Technical University in Prague)
Heating foils are a modern, very efficient and economical form of heating, suitable particularly for the heating of LEH (low-energy houses). However, unbranded products are appearing on the market offered by unspecialized retailers for applications which are prohibited by valid standards.
Versatile radiant panels intended for residential as well as non-residential spaces, for installation on ceilings and suspended ceilings. They are suitable mainly for the heating of offices, shops, flats and family homes.
ECOFILM C – Ceiling heating film
ECOFILM C ceiling foils are intended for use in plasterboard structures as ceiling-mounted radiant heating.
It has been generally accepted for several years that we as a country cannot continue for the purpose of heating our homes, to use energy at our current rate of consumption whether this be gas, oil or electricity.

Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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