Thermostat TFT-2 is back!

After minor modifications, we are re-launching the TFT-2 thermostat.

Thanks to the modification of plastic parts, new position of the room temperature sensor and software upgrade, there has been a significant improvement and temperature correction of the thermostat. We have achieved greater accuracy of regulation of our heating systems and thus can provide our clients with greater thermal comfort. One of the other sought-after advantages of the TFT-2 is the replaceability of parts (frame / cover), enabling a simple change of thermostat‘s design. Frames and covers are offered in silver, black and red colours and their combinations will create a different look each time. You can see how easy it is to replace parts to change the color of the controller here: 



The thermostat has a color touch screen which allows you to change the background color of the menu as well.
A simple application for choosing a color design here…