New version of software for V24 WiFi units

A new software version – sw.: 1.04 – has been released for Watts V24 central control units.
Watts V24 central control units WiFi
Watts V24 central control units V24 WiFi
Connection diagram of the central unit Watts V24 WiFi

Software version 1.04 corrects the function of saving user programmes created in mobile phone applications in the central unit memory.

To update your V24 WiFi units, please proceed as follows:

  • download the file from the following link and unzip it (zip archive)
  • record the update.bin file to an empty MicroSD card
  • insert the card with the update.bin file into the slot of the V24 WiFi unit
  • enter the menu for the confirmation of the update by pressing and holding the SW update option on the V24 WiFi unit, and then press Yes
  • information about the update will be shown on the display of the unit. The unit will be reset twice during the update

During the update:

  • do not disconnect the unit from its power source
  • do not take the SD card out of the slot