Minutes of meeting of the working group after the year of operation

On September 21, 2017, a meeting of the working group was held at the Old Town Hilton Hotel in Prague with the following persons present: Jan Baláč (ČEZ), Aleš Laciok (ČEZ), Pavel Círek (Energy Regulatory Office - ERU) (substitute for Pavel Šimončík – ERU), Dagmar Kopačková (TZB Info) (substitute for Jiří Zilvar – TZB), Lukáš Minařík (Ministry of the Environment), Karel Kabele (Czech Technical University - ČVUT), Miroslav Urban (ČVUT), Petr Wolf (University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings - UCEEB), Marek Maška (UCEEB), Konrádová (Ministry of Industry and Trade - MPO) (substitute for Jan Krkoška - MPO), Petr Bečvárovský (BMR), Roman Kalina (Sting), Cyril Svozil (Fenix), Kateřina Jezerská (Fenix), Josef Podlaha (Fenix), Miroslav Petr (Fenix), Pavel Kudelka (Fenix), Tadeáš Tesař (AERS), Tomáš Horský (AERS), Radek Musil (AERS), materials sent to ČEPS as requested
one year of operation of the Jeseník shopping mall
one year of operation of the Jeseník shopping mall
one year of operation of the Jeseník shopping mall


  1. Presentation: one year of operation of the Jeseník shopping mall from the point of view of the investor (C. Svozil - Fenix)
  2. Presentation:one year of operation of the Jeseník shopping mall from the point of view of ČVUT – Microenvironmental and Building Services Engineering (M. Urban - ČVUT-TZB)
  3. Presentation: one year of operation of the Jeseník shopping mall from the point of view of the modes of hybrid photovoltaic systems (M. Maška, P. Wolf- UCEEB)
  4. Presentation of a new project: SAS Fenix Jeseník Peaking Power Station (T. Horský – AERS)

Both the presentations and subsequent discussions showed that the basic objectives. It emerged that the initial setup and coordination of the installed systems was not a trivial matter, and the building thus started to operate in an optimal mode only after necessary adjustments from mid-January 2017.

It was agreed:

  1. The representatives of the Ministries and the state administration expressed their interest in extending the group's activities to include monitoring the results of SAS Jeseník. Implementation is expected by 5/18; then all data will again be accessible through the UCEEB-ČVUT cloud. UCEEB will also prepare a report evaluating SAS annual results. Working group members will once again receive access passwords.

  2. The monitoring of the Jeseník shopping mall will continue for the second year and will result in a final report summarizing the findings from its two-year operation. It was agreed that the investor would take into account the ČVUT-TZB comments from the annual report for the building setup and equipment. 

It was further agreed:

  • Based on the ČVUT -TZB request, the energy performance of the intermittent and uninterrupted operation mode of the heating system during the working week will be checked in winter

  • UCEEB will try to develop a tool for designers to determine the most appropriate combination of the photovoltaic system and the size of the battery storage system in line with the expected total energy consumption

  • The Ministry of Industry and Trade, ERU and ČEPS  will consider the possibilities of how to make the monitored concept more attractive for the users and expand it more quickly by the following possible modifications

    • In view of the demonstrated capabilities of the system to respond to the requirements of the network operator, both in the limitation of own consumption and in active controlled supply of power to the network, introduce the so-called net metering principle

    • In view of the demonstrated ability of this concept to flexibly provide system services for network management, a substantial reduction or complete withdrawal of the system service charges would be required; the users of the system will invest in making the system services ready to be delivered and not just exploited by regular users

  • The Ministry of the Environment already provides support for both  roof photovoltaic systems and battery storage system in its New Green Savings Programme.
  • The above topics will be discussed at individual meetings held by the end of the year, in which the possibilities of making this concept more user-attractive should be discussed.
  • The individual members of the group will submit their suggestions for possible further experiments to be carried out during the second year to the secretary of the group: Josef Podlaha (j.podlaha@fenixgroup.cz) by October 15, 2017

All participants in the meeting were given a flash disk with the presentations; ČEPS will receive them through the Airmail application.

Prague, September 22, 2017, minutes taken by Ing. Cyril Svozil