AERS s.r.o. – Advanced Energy Storage Systems

As part of its engagement in creating the conditions for the smoothest and widest possible development of the 2020 concept (houses with almost zero consumption of energy as active elements of the energy system), Fenix has co-founded a start-up and is financing its development – AERS s.r.o. – Advanced Energy Storage Systems

In 2017, AERS will introduce a modular universal control system to the market, AES 10-AES 50, which will be usable in residential buildings as well as in industrial operations and service buildings. It will thus provide users with the opportunity to optimize their consumption diagram or main circuit breaker parameters and lower their operating costs while enjoying considerably greater energy independence than before:

AES10 Home inverter

  • 10 kVA AC output – 4 quadrants, 3 phases, uneven loading of phases
  • variable low-voltage output 24/48VDC 
  • 2–10 kWp DC Solar (2× MPPT) input 
  • accumulator type: LiFePO4 – 7.6 kWh–30 kWh  
  • variable connection DC-DC fast-charging unit for electric vehicles
  • ability to operate in power grid connection mode or in island mode
  • 8 (16) relay outputs for controlling the electricity supplies for the appliances in the building 
  • WiFi wireless access to the control and application interface
  • Z-Wave chip for wireless communication  
  • management of intelligent energy flow control (drawing from the PV system or the grid in periods when energy is cheap or light is available; it is possible to switch the output for individual appliances or circuits in the building where it is used) 
  • when a 5kVp output photovoltaic power system and 15kWh batteries are installed, it is expected that a standard family home will achieve energy self-sufficiency for 9 months of the year
  • new concept – all energy is conveyed via batteries, which are a strong energy source and enable the operation of the interior equipment of the building when the electricity supply from the grid fails, even in the case of the uneven loading of phases, the intelligent control system ensures the lifespan of the batteries is long

AES 20 inverter (larger houses, small and medium-size companies)

  • 20 kVA AC output 
  • 8–20 kWp DC Solar (2× fast MPPT) input 
  • accumulator type: LiFePO4 – 7.6kWh-60kWh 

AES 30 inverter (large houses, medium-size companies, chain stores, administrative buildings)

  • 30 kVA AC output
  • 20–30 kWp DC Solar (2× fast MPPT) input 
  • accumulator type: LiFePO4 – 23 kWh–100 kWh 

AES 50 inverter (large companies, shopping centres, controlled bridging of peak loads)

  • 50 kVA AC output 
  • 30–50 kWp DC Solar (2× fast MPPT) input 
  • accumulator type: LiFePO4 – 23 kWh–200 kWh 
  • the technology enables an increase in performance via the connection of multiple individual inverter inputs and outputs together, the technology can be adapted according to clients' needs for more extensive systems

Equalizing station

  • balances peaks and shortfalls in the electrical grid – customer solutions within the 100–1000 kWh range

We will continue to provide information about these products and the exact dates of their introduction to the market as soon as it becomes available.

In Jeseník, 25.11.2016
Ing. Cyril Svozil