Hotel in Strahov, Prague - heated floors in bathrooms

The most common use of ECOFLOOR heating mats is for the supplementary heating of tiles in bathrooms. The heating of the bathroom is provided by a different source of heat and the mat simply ensures the comfortable heating of the floor. With the increasing level of services provided by the hotel industry this application is no longer something used exclusively in family houses and flats but is rather becoming an essential part of bathrooms in hotels and apartments. This is one way the owners of such facilities may demonstrate their desire to make the stay of their guests as pleasant as possible.

FENIX ranks among the traditional suppliers of heating systems for such applications as well, thanks to the quality of its products and the 10-year warranty provided. Certainly one of the most prestigious sites for the installation of such heating systems is one hotel in Strahov, Prague. The hotel was created by the reconstruction of buildings in close proximity to one of the most important structures of architectural value in the Czech Republic – Strahov monastery, the oldest Premonstratensian monastery in the Czech Republic.

The hotel lies directly within the area of the monastery gardens; on one side, it borders on Strahov monastery and on the other side on another historic building - the Hunger Wall. Reconstruction was very demanding and expensive, but regardless, a luxurious hotel which respects the original architecture of the buildings was built here.

The building has five floors, with a restaurant, kitchen, reception, rehabilitation centre, fitness centre, changing rooms and bathrooms, several conference halls and other areas for guests as well as for the operation of the hotel. On the second, third and fourth floors there are guest rooms, while the fifth floor is the so called “technical” floor, in which can be found a machine room for climate control and air conditioning, a gas boiler room, water heating facilities etc.

Heating is provided by a gas boiler plant; on the ground floor, there is a hot water system with heating bodies, and the guest rooms are heated using warm air. Climate control ducts are located in soffits; in the summer they are used for air conditioning. The rooms are divided into 7 categories - there are 146 rooms in total in the hotel.

All rooms are, of course, equipped with their own bathroom and toilet. In the bonding cement of all of them, ECOFLOOR heating mats with an output of 160 W/m² are installed which enable the warming of the floor in the period when the room is occupied. The mats in all of the 146 rooms are controlled by a central control unit which also regulates the temperature of the bathroom floors, among other things. The floor system is activated at reception when the rooms are occupied by guests.

On the ground floor, heating mats with an output of 100 W/m² have been installed in the fitness centre, rehabilitation centre, changing rooms and bathrooms. A total of more than 150 ECOFLOOR LD and LDTS heating mats have been installed in this building. This installation differs from others both in its scope and in the expensive interior design of the location. Here, the floor heating is an element which is not visible at first sight but is an element for which quality is of great importance. Any consequent alterations or repairs are technically demanding and expensive. Therefore, we were pleased that FENIX products were chosen.