SICAR s.r.o. Masojedy – heating with Ecosun NT panels

SICAR s.r.o. specializes in the production of vehicles for emergency rescue systems of all categories, including firefighting vehicles of up to 7.5 tons. It has held the ISO 9001:2001 certificate since 2003, and at present, it is one of the biggest producers of ambulances in theCzech Republic. It is also an important exporter of rescue equipment outside the territory of the Czech Republic.

In the year 2005, a new production hall in the village of Masojedy near Prague was reconstructed and put into operation by SICAR s.r.o., enabling an increase in production capacity of approximately 50%. As SICAR’s first production plants in the village of Sibřina near Prague were heated with ECOSUN electric radiant panels, and this means of heating had proven successful, the decision was made to choose the same system again for the reconstructed building in Masojedy.

Technical parameters of the new building in Masojedy

Hall dimensions:  63,30 x 53,50 m
Built-up area:  1930,65 
Productive floorspace:  1857,42 
Calculated heat loss:  94,20 kW
Installed heating input:  108,76 kW
- in radiant panels:  101,30 kW
- in floor heating:  7,36 kW


The production hall itself is heated with a combination of ECOSUN S 09 high-temperature panels, which are placed in the axis of the roof along the whole length of the hall, and ECOSUN 700 U low-temperature panels, placed above every workplace. Low-temperature panels are also used for the heating of the warehouse and the materials preparation area, the washing area is equipped with ECOSUN 700 IKP panels with improved protective covering (IP 54).

The office areas, canteen and kitchen are equipped with ECOSUN 300 U ceiling panels. Changing rooms and sanitary facilities are heated with electric floor heating with ECOFLOOR heating cable circuits.

Heating of the whole building is controlled via BMR central regulation. Due to the power input of over 100 kW, the building is divided into two parts – a hall with assembly facilities (56 kW) and then another part with offices, a canteen, sanitary facilities, storerooms including a washing area (52 kW) - each has its own regulator installed.

Both regulators are connected to a personal computer, on which the control system software is installed. This software isn’t necessary for the regulation process, because each regulator has its own control unit; however, it provides a friendlier and more comfortable environment for the user than the control unit located within the regulator. Also, the software is able to “combine” both regulators, so they function as one unit for the user.

With the aid of a PC it is possible to programme the heating regime not only in every room in the building individually, but also for every assembly area. In the programme one can find, along with the current temperature, saved values for temperature fluctuations and a calculator of the hours in operation of every separate section.

The advantages and virtues of such exact regulation are documented by the fact that the first production plant in Sibřina, which was equipped with the same heating system as at Masojedy, had a smaller usable area yet around 1/3 higher operational costs from electrical energy. This fact caused the management of SICAR to decide to retro-fit BMR regulation also at the Sibřina plant. According to estimates, this investment should return within the course of one heating season.

Purchasing costs:

The whole heating system, including installation, was obtained for 668, 660 - CZK before DPH (Value Added Tax).
ECOSUN radiant heating panels
(high temperature ECOSUN S – 30 items; low temperature ECOSUN E – 115 items)
429.994,- CZK
ECOFLOOR floor heating
(non-typical floor mats from PSV cables – 13 items)
BMR regulation
(2 regulators, sensors, software)
Installation of the heating system
(complete installation including delivery of power cables and bringing into operation)


Operational costs
For an area of 1900 m² and in the periods stated, energy consumption and expenditure was:

19.10.2005 - 30.8.2006 207,5 MWh 379.800,-CZK
30.8.2006 - 15.8.2007 161,0 MWh 348.000,CZK


Within consumption are included all demands on electrical energy within the building, i.e. not only for heating, but also lighting, the running of offices and production equipment. According to the owner, the share of production in the total consumption of electrical energy is around 25-30%.

SICAR spol. s r. o.
Sibřina 163
250 84 Praha - východ
Tel: +420 321 613 206
Fax: +420 321 613 209

Business premises:
Masojedy 59
82 01 Český Brod

Design of the heating system:
Ing.V. Sláma – IVS
Dužstevní ochoz (areál Reiknechtka)
140 00 Praha 4-Pankrác
tel. 261 219 803
fax 261 215 820