Radiant heating in a waste water booster pumping station

There are a large number of constructions which act as technical facilities housing various technological or industrial processes. These buildings are usually small and seemingly easy to overlook, but despite that they are of essential importance for the process in question. Even though there is no permanent operating staff present in the building, it is usually necessary to provide it with heating to a temperature which is at least above freezing point.

An example of such a building can be the waste water booster pumping station located right next to Bat´a’s Canal in Petrov, near Strážnice.

The sludge management system which is placed in this building has to be protected from freezing, and therefore it is necessary to warm the building. As the construction stands outside a residential zone, there is no gas distribution network available and it would be totally uneconomical to build a new gas connection. Therefore, electric radiant heating was chosen.    

ECOSUN heating panels are produced with different outputs and IP coverage – for this application ECOSUN 700 IKP radiant panels with IP 54 coverage were selected. One room with a power switchboard is warmed by an ECOSUN 300 U panel.    

The advantages of electric radiant heating with ECOSUN panels are, in comparison with other heating systems, the low acquisition costs, zero maintenance requirements, very simple regulation and entirely quiet and dust-free operation. As the technical equipment used in the pumping station itself required a supply of electricity, the use of radiant heating panels didn’t even involve further investment in the form of a connector for the heating medium. As the heating panels are placed on the ceiling, and don’t require a combustion air inlet, venting or other distribution systems, the interior area is not limited in any way and nothing is in the way at the handling height on the walls.
 Another far from negligible advantage is also the fact that in the case of a shut-down the system doesn’t need to be particularly protected – e.g. from freezing, corrosion, air intake etc.

Regulation of the panels is provided via simple EBERLE AZT-A 524410 room thermostats with IP 54 coverage. The thermostats measure the ambient temperature and when the temperature drops under +5°C, they switch on the heating panels. A total of 1 ECOSUN 300 U and 7 ECOSUN 700 IKP heating panels have been installed at the booster pumping station. The acquisition costs of this heating system, including 2 AZT-A thermostats, are thus only 29, 341CZK without VAT!

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