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April 2014

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ECOSUN - radiant heating panels


  ECOSUN ceiling panels utilise the principle of radiant heating (so-called infrared heating). The unique surface finish and uniform distribution of temperatures across the surface of the panel ensure the output of a maximum share of heat energy in the form of radiation, while reducing the convection element to a minimum.  

Ecosun low-temperature radiant panels

Radiant heating panels are intended primarily for the heating of offices, shops, flats and family houses, although they can also be used for the warming of office or cashier cubicles, or church benches. The panels are offered in various sizes, technical versions and outputs, from 100 to 700 W.

Ecosun high-temperature radiant panels

ECOSUN high-temperature radiant panels are intended primarily for the heating of industrial, storage and agricultural structures, although they can be used within any structure with a ceiling height of 3.5 m to 10 m. They are offered in one, two and three – lamella versions with wattages of 0.9 to 3.6 kW.

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